About the Author

Emmy award winner and author Phil Gulley says that “If we could distill, bottle, and distribute Mike Lunsford's good sense, our world would be the better for it.” Lunsford is the author of The Off Season: the Newspaper Stories of Mike Lunsford, a new collection of his columns from the front page of the Terre Haute Tribune-Star. A veteran teacher of English and American History, Lunsford has written two columns for the local newspaper for over a dozen years.  He lives with his wife, Joanie, in rural Parke County, Indiana, has two children—Ellen and Evan—and four very lazy cats.

Allen Young, author of the award-winning Small Creatures and Ordinary Places, says of Lunsford’s book, “His latest writings are an inspiration for us all to look, listen, and feel the inherent beauty of the natural world.”

 Tribune-Star feature writer Mark Bennett says, “Beech trees, streams, and cornstalks blend into the background of our busy lives.  Lunsford gives them starring roles in his exquisite writing, using them as vehicles to tell stories, re-kindle our memories, and awaken our senses.”

Contact Mike at hickory913@gmail.com

                                           Photo By Joan Lunsford


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