Text Box: Sidelines

The Best of the Basketball Stories...

     Text Box: Mike Lunsford
     Following the success of The Off Season,The Newspaper Stories of Mike Lunsford, Mike's new book, Sidelines: The Best of the Basketball Stories... is due to be released in the fall by Shade Tree Press.  The book is a compilation of 65 of the best basketball stories Mike has written for the Terre Haute Tribune-Star since he started his regular column in 1995.  WTWO-TV2 Sports Director Jason Pensky says of the book: "Mike Lunsford always does an amazing job of tying sports to life. When you read his work, you can always see his passion for the games, but more importantly you are impressed with his ability to put it all in perspective."
     Walk with Mike back to a time when small-town coaches, away-game caravans, and crackerbox gyms were king. As author and Emmy-winning writer Philip Gulley says: "Mike Lunsford paints a picture no artist could draw.  His sketches of life are dead-on; witty one moment, touching the next."


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